The Environmental Characterization Database is a system that allows for the storage, consultation, and sharing of environmental data collected through any project that generates data on water quality, plankton, seabed cover, sediment quality, benthos and nekton in marine environment, in addition to the possibility of including key data for the synergistic and ecological understanding of these elements (such as meteorological-oceanographic data). It is prepared both to receive data from Environmental Characterization Projects (PCAs) and Environmental Monitoring Projects (PMAs) carried out within environmental licensing and post-licensing processes, at the Federal and State levels, as well as from research projects with diverse structures and characteristics.

More than just a database, the Environmental Characterization Database provides an easy-to-use platform for intuitively adding, reviewing, and visualizing data. The system features a detailed search interface that makes it possible to correlate parameter results obtained by different projects and campaigns, quickly drawing an overview of these data.

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